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Posted on 10-20-2016

Getting The Most Out of Your Knee Stem Cell Therapy

Recently, a patient told me that she was getting stem cells injected into her knees.  She said that the treatment was to heal the “cushions” in her knees.  
That conversation caused me to think.  How does stem cell therapy correct the reason for her knee pain?  How does stem cell therapy restore normal function to the knee?  How does stem cell therapy make a person walk properly so that the knee doesn’t have the same problem later on?

Let’s say that you had a couch and the cushions got worn down by a bunch of kids bouncing on it all day.  After a while of looking at it all messed up and lopsided, you decided to take it to the couch doctor. The couch doctor had a new scientific procedure that could inject couch stem cell cushion into the cushion area.  The couch stem cell cushions would grow and fill up the gaps.  Your couch was said to be like new again.

When you take your couch home it probably needs some time  to heal.  So you stick it in a different room for a couple of weeks where the kids can’t get at it.  

Sooner or later, you have to get on with your life and move that couch back into the room with the kids. Before you know it, your couch becomes a trampoline for all those kids again.

Do you think that the new cushions are going to be able to withstand the bouncing kids?  Probably not. It may not be immediate, but odds are those cushions aren’t going to make it.

The best way to help your couch is to keep it away from the bouncing kids in the first place.  But if you have to get the new couch stem cells, then get them.  After that, you have to keep it away from the bouncing kids or else you wasted  time and money.

How does this apply to stem cell therapy and my knee?   More than likely, your knee was messed up long before you considered stem cell therapy.  That means that it was not working good for a long time.
You were walking and moving  it improperly for years.  Just like the kids bouncing on the couch, you wore out your knee by years of abuse.

Now you either had stem cell therapy or are thinking of getting stem cell therapy.  I’m not here to argue pros or cons.  If you want it, get it.

What you are going to need to do either way is restore normal function to your knees.  In other words, get your knees moving properly so you don’t beat them up constantly.  That means getting everything working in coordination with your brain.

Restoring  functional nerve tone to the knee is an absolute necessity for best results.  In other words, your brain needs to be in “tone” with all the muscles of the knee.  If you have proper functional nerve tone, your knee will work exactly like it should.  

If you have too much or too little functional nerve tone, that will change how the knee moves and stabilizes itself.  This is why people get knee problems.   You loose functional nerve tone from abuse, trauma to the knee or other parts of the body.
Our solution to help your knee before or after stem cell therapy is Trigenics Neurological Care.  Trigenics is an advanced non-surgical procedure that resets the way the brain and the knee communicates.  This will give you better movement and less pain in the knee immediately.  

Yes, we even tested it out on a patient who had recent stem cell therapy.  She was two weeks out of surgery with severe pain in both knees and pain in her left calf and shin.  She was told to use a walker and not put weight on her knee.  She even had to use the walker just to get up and down from the toilet. I can tell you this… she wasn’t using a walker before her surgery.   After one Trigenics procedure, she was able to stand and move without pain for the first time since her surgery. In fact, she is the reason I am writing this article.

So, if you want to rest assured that you will get the most out of your stem cell therapy.  Call our office today to find out how Trigenics Neurological Care can benefit you and get your life moving forward. 

Call today 810-225-7246

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